In our quest to reimagine health and the traditional approach to treating chronic lifestyle conditions, BrandMed Group brings you NervIQ, powered by OmegaWave – a revolutionary new way of measuring the state of your Autonomic Nervous System.


A simple, non-invasive measurement of the heart rate  over 5 minutes that will identify:


  • Your sympathetic and parasympathetic function
  • Your brain’s ability to cope with stress
  • Your body’s ability to cope with different types of exercise

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Nuno Vaz Dos Ramos

  • Chief Technology Officer at BrandMed
  • Oversees the development of a comprehensive risk and disease management platform for patients with Hypertension, Diabetes, Asthma and COPD. Awarded 2014 Innovation Prize by Microsoft and the Israeli Trade Commission for the design of a hospital readmission programme using  wearable devices