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KardioPro is a solution that seamlessly links connected health devices (TEC – Technology Enabled Care) to validated POC blood tests providing accurate and validated risk analyses, links to emergency care and access to treatment protocols informed by local and international guidelines. READ MORE

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A revolutionary new way of measuring the Autonomic Nervous System. A simple, non-invasive measurement  of the heart rate over 5 minutes that will identify:


  • Your sympathetic and parasympathetic function
  • Your brain’s ability to cope with stress
  • Your body’s ability to cope with different types  of exercise. READ MORE
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A basket of diagnostic connected health  devices to aid in the management of  chronic lifestyle diseases. READ MORE

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The KardioMD telehealth solution is a unique, highly secure, world-leading HPCSA and POPIA-compliant virtual platform to allow patients to easily engage with practitioners. READ MORE

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As we embark on a new era of genomics, genetic testing has become increasingly significant in enhancing individualised health care. Tests to identify susceptibilities to common diseases like cancer and diabetes will soon provide a guide to preventive care. 


The potential benefits of identifying a patient’s polygenic risk score and storing their blood/DNA samples is that it can be used to predict their future susceptibility to disease. In addition to early diagnosis of rare and chronic diseases, it can also be used to identify safer and more effective drug therapy based on their DNA response to prescribed medication.


Polygene has partnered with DNAlysis to deliver the gold standard of quality genetic testing and validated results. READ MORE

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Analytics Kardiolytix

kardioLytix is a real-time data analytics tool for the measurement and reporting of outcomes-based care. READ MORE

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In a paperless age of technology, beepd™ has transformed the business card into a digital, smart communicator that showcases relevant information, has the ability to be linked to websites, videos and presentations, other people in the company, an online diary, and even generate additional income for the business. 

In the healthcare world it enables pharma companies and ourselves to share vetted information with patients about their condition, home monitoring devices and medication.

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Home Monitoring KardioFit

KardioFit is a revolutionary holistic home monitoring, patient support and automated disease management solution designed for those with hypertension, diabetes, asthma, and COPD.


Using smart, connected  devices, personalised digital guidance, telehealth access to care professionals and a link to emergency care, KardioFit puts help in the palm of your hand. READ MORE

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Nuno Vaz Dos Ramos

  • Chief Technology Officer at BrandMed
  • Oversees the development of a comprehensive risk and disease management platform for patients with Hypertension, Diabetes, Asthma and COPD. Awarded 2014 Innovation Prize by Microsoft and the Israeli Trade Commission for the design of a hospital readmission programme using  wearable devices