Patient Engagement

In a paperless age of technology, beepd™ has transformed

the business card into a digital, smart communicator

that showcases relevant information, has the ability to

 be linked to websites, videos and presentations, other

people in the company, an online diary, and even generate 

dditional income for the business. 

In the healthcare world it enables pharma companies and

ourselves to share vetted information with patients about 

heir condition, home monitoring devices and medication.

Just Watch How Beepin’ Smart We Are  

Nuno Vaz Dos Ramos

  • Chief Technology Officer at BrandMed
  • Oversees the development of a comprehensive risk and disease management platform for patients with Hypertension, Diabetes, Asthma and COPD. Awarded 2014 Innovation Prize by Microsoft and the Israeli Trade Commission for the design of a hospital readmission programme using  wearable devices